Company Introduction



We will pursue for a great company, not a mere big company!

Thank you for visiting Shinchang Industry.
Shinchang Industry has beendoing our utmost to be the best
in the window industry by creating harmonious space between
human and environment through leading innovative and drastic
changes. In addition, we are developing various products
to be satisfied with our customers. In order to also provide
the best product service, we are striving to become
the eco-friendly company by practicing quality first and
developing technology for optimal environmental management. In order to create a beautiful world in which we all can
harmonise together, Shinchang Industry will practice human respect
management and create continuous social values. To be a company that is always trusted by customers, and also
a company that gives great impression to ourcustomers,
Shinchang Industry promise our customers that we will always try our very best. Good luck to your home and business, please. Thank you.