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Ultra Weather Resistant Powder Coating

Interpon D Powder Coating

Comparing List Interpon D Powder Coating - Ultra Weather Resistant Powder Coating Fluoropolymer paint (liquid) - PVDF2, PVDF3
Theoretical coating amount 8~11㎡ / kg (Min 60㎛ Standard) 10~11㎡ / ℓ (30㎛ Standard)
Using thinner N / A Used 30±10%
Weatherability Satisfies AAMA2604 standards Satisfies AAMA2604 standards
VOC content N / A 20~60%
VOC emission during work N / A 150~460g / ℓ
VOC emission after coating N / A 1500~3000
Abrasion resistance Excellent Insufficient
Color Wide selection of colors Narrow selection of colors
Coat Once 2-4 times
Eco-friendly certification ECO-LABEL certification (EL.241 paint) N / A

Application Process

 The powder coating process is accomplished through several complex steps